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Send corporate gifts across regions with ease. Instantly connect with top-tier vendors for any occasion, ensuring every gift aligns with your company's values and vision, while resonating with each recipient.

For Clients, Teams, Partners: Leave a Lasting Impression.

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Discover hundred of vendors in minutes.

Find the right suppliers for your event and gifting needs.
All in one convenient platform.

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Simply give us your preferences and let our AI recommendation technology do the rest.

How it Works?

Send inquiries, get quotes and negotiate, within minutes.

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Step 1:

Tell us the details

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Vendor Matching

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Wait for Proposals

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Step 4:

Pay Deposit to Order

Just fill out a quick form and let us know your gifting needs - we take care of the rest, tailoring every detail to your specifications.

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A better way to gift

Gone are the days of generic gifts that lack meaning and connection. Our platform empowers you to send gifts that truly make a difference.

Deliver gift packages internationally seamlessly.
Send your presence globally for employees, partners, and clients to experience the same gift experience across your organisation.
Custom gift according to region or personal preferences.
Receive custom proposals from local vendors and esteemed brands to suit your needs.
Easy gift redemption via the platform.
Want to let recipients choose their own gifts and rewards? Arrange for self-redemption on the platform and track the logistics easily.

(Currently in Closed beta)

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Supercharge engagement rates with a gift.

Drive positive responses through an effective sending strategy.