UNCANG Pure Vanilla – Made from 100% Borneo Vanilla Beans


Indulge in the rich, pure taste of Uncang Pure Vanilla extract. Gift to someone special with a personalized message.

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Elevate your desserts with the purest vanilla extract

Uncang Pure Vanilla – 100% made from Vanilla Beans/Pod – Alcohol Free with with beans

Uncang Pure Vanilla (50ML) – NO ALCOHOL

Uncang Pure Vanilla extract is made by extracting Grade A Borneo vanilla beans from pods using vegetable glycerin as replacement for alcohol. This vanilla is perfect for every day cakes, desserts making and cookies recipes. Everyone loves vanilla and 1 teaspoon of Uncang Pure vanilla can completely transforms a good dessert into a great dessert.

Comes with real vanilla beans. Flavor enhanced with age. Once open the shelf life can be stored up to 2 years in cool storage away from sunlight.

Pure Borneo Vanilla Beans, Vegetable Glycerin, Muscovado Sugar and Distilled water.

*The bottle is made of glass
*Made in with Grade A Borneo Vanilla
*We use the best brown sugar
*Perfect for a gift/hamper ship to recipient’s address with personalized message. (key into buyer’s notes)