UNCANG Premium Moringa Leaf Powder / Serbuk Daun Kelor – Organic source (150g)


Give the gift of health and wellness with UNCANG Premium Moringa Leaf Powder. Perfect for the health-conscious friend or family member, this organic loose leaf tea is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients that naturally boost energy and support overall well-being. Simply infuse two tablespoons in hot water and enjoy the immune system-boosting, anti-aging, and bone health benefits. Plus, with its locally produced and organic source, UNCANG sets itself apart from other gift options on the market. Don’t wait to give the gift of healing and vitality – order UNCANG Premium Moringa Leaf Powder today!

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“Uncang Tea Premium Moringa Loose Leaf Tea Size (100g)

Moringa is one of the superfood that has natural healing power for general well being. This loose herb is made from the leaves of Moringa Oleifera. Moringa is very high in anti-oxidants and nutrition that makes it a natural energy drink.

Put two table spoon of Moringa leafs into strainer and pour hot water to infuse the herb. Drink when cool down.

Moringa helps to:-
Immune system booster
Protecting and nourishing skin and hair.
Protecting the liver.
Preventing cancer.
Making bones healthier.
Milk boosting properties

Locally produced.”


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