UNCANG Green Pandan – Pandan & Butterfly Pea Floral Tea by Uncang Tea


Celebrate the special moments in life with UNCANG Green Pandan – Pandan & Butterfly Pea Floral Tea. Perfect for tea lovers who appreciate locally grown ingredients, this herbal blend features a sweet and grassy taste that will transport you to the lush fields of Penang Island. With 10 sachets in an eco-friendly zip lock pack, UNCANG Green Pandan is the perfect gift for those who value sustainability and quality. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, this caffeine-free tea is a unique and thoughtful way to show someone you care. Don’t wait – order now and give the gift of relaxation and indulgence.

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Each pack contains 10 sachet of Green Pandan tisane in an environment-friendly zip lock pack.

Green Pandan is a herbal blend with hint of sweet fragrant taste notes.

Both our butterfly pea flower and pandan are locally grown in Penang Island.

Ingredients: Pandan and Butterfly pea flower.

Hot Brewing: Use 1 sachet of Green Pandan is for 250-350ml water. Use water temperature is less than boiling point around 90 degrees Celsius. Time: 4-5 Min.

Cold Brewing: NA

Caffeine: None

Taste notes: Grassy, Sweet


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