Solid Silver Comb Full S999 64g


Celebrate a special occasion with the gift of health and beauty. Our Solid Silver Comb Full S999 64g is perfect for the elegant and health-conscious person in your life. The Peony flower design adds a touch of luxury to this anti-static, anti-bacterial, and radiation shield comb. It balances energy, eliminates sickness, hair loss, dust, and lethargy. With a silver weight of approximately 65g and a size of 11.1×6.1cm, this comb is a unique and thoughtful gift option. To keep it in pristine condition, simply wash with soda bicarbonate. Give the gift of beauty and health today!

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a solid piece of full silver s999 comb
Design: Peony flower
Silver Weight: approx. 65g
Size: 11.1×6.1cm
Benefits health: anti statics, anti bacteria, radiation shield, balance energy thus eliminate sickness, hair loss, dust, lethargic
to wash use soda bicarbonate


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