Scent Cards Bundle


Surprise your loved ones with the gift of relaxation and aromatherapy with our Scent Cards Bundle. Perfect for any occasion, this bundle includes three unique scents that will transport you to a sensory spa. From the romantic aroma of freesia and rose in Glow On, Honey! to the invigorating ocean breeze in Be A Cool Bean, and the calming notes of jasmine and musk in To Live Is To Sance, this bundle has it all. Hang them in your room or car and let the aldehydes and botanicals soothe your senses. Each card comes with a ribbon, making it a perfect gift set for anyone who loves decor and candles. Don’t wait, indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience today!

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Indulge in all three relaxing scents of our scent cards with this bundle. Make every corner smells good and lift your spirits everywhere you go.

Scent Card Scent
Glow On, Honey! (Freesia)
Feel the summer sweetness of melon and pear caressing your nose, then being gently swept away by the romantic aroma of freesia and rose. Hang it in your room or car; this scent will make you fall in love over and over again.

Be A Cool Bean (Ocean Breeze)
Go for a joyride down a coastal road, wind down the windows and breathe in the sea breeze without a worry in the world. A soothing scent with aldehydes and botanicals that will invigorate your senses in the perfect way.

To Live Is To Sance (White Musk)
A sensory spa. Opens up with a burst of apple and pear, followed by calming notes of jasmine and musk. There are no words to accurately describe its scent profile. The only way is to experience it yourself.

Bundle Details
x1 Glow On, Honey! scent card with ribbon
x1 Be A Cool Bean scent card with ribbon
x1 To Live Is To Sance scent card with ribbon


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