Dododots Flower Power


Celebrate the beauty of life with Dododots Flower Power! Perfect for birthdays, graduations, or just because, these 20 adorable flower-shaped patches come in 5 different colors and are embedded with reflective pink gems. Made from hydrocolloid material, they comfortably adhere to the skin for hours, absorbing oil and covering and protecting acne-prone or sensitive skin. FDA-approved and CE-certified, these patches contain no harsh chemicals and are suitable for day and night use. Don’t miss out on this unique and effective skincare solution – order now and experience the power of flowers!

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🌸 Dododots Flower Power 🌸
🌸 20 ADORABLE flower-shaped patches. 🌈 5️⃣ different colours.
πŸ’Ž Embedded with the cutest reflective pink gems.
πŸ₯° Comfortably adheres to the skin for hours.
Made from hydrocolloid material. (same material as wound dressing)
FDA-approved. CE-certified. Suitable for sensitive / acne-prone skin. Best Used Within 24 Months.
USPs βœ… Day & Night βœ… No Harsh Chemicals βœ… Absorbs Oil βœ… Cover & Protect Best Use: πŸ₯° Please keep product in cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight or heat.


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