Coffee Body Scrub


Transform any morning routine into a luxurious spa experience with our Coffee Body Scrub. Perfect for the coffee lover in your life, this all-natural and vegan scrub is made with Arabica coffee grounds, grape seed oil, and essential oils to exfoliate, moisturize, and invigorate the skin. Handmade with love, this scrub comes in two units – oil-based and powder-based – and is easy to use. Simply mix the scrub and oil using the spoon provided, scoop a good amount, and lather it on your body. Give the gift of glowing, smooth skin with our Coffee Body Scrub.

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– 100% Handmade & All-Natural
– Comes in 2 units: oil based & powder based
– To use: Mix the scrub ground and oil using spoon provided. Scoop a good amount of scrub to lather it on your body. Can be applied on wet skin.

Ingredients: Arabica Coffee Grounds, Grape seed oil, Sugar, Vitamin E, Orange Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil


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