Cacao Husk Tea in Pouch (10 teabags)


Indulge your loved ones with the gift of health and happiness with our Cacao Husk Tea in Pouch. Perfect for the health-conscious chocolate lover, this superfood tisane is packed with antioxidants and rich cacao butter flavor. Whether hot brewed or cold brewed, this refreshing tea is sure to satisfy any craving. With 10 teabags in each pouch, it’s the perfect gift for any occasion. Give the gift of wellness and deliciousness with our Cacao Husk Tea in Pouch today!

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“Cacao Husk Tea

Chocolate husk tea is packed with anti-oxidants and this tea is the super food tisane for you to start the day!

1 pouch of Cacao Husk Tea contains 10x teabags of cacao husk.

Cacao Husk Tea is rich with anti oxidant and cacao butter. Excellent to make cold brew and serve as a refreshing drink with rich cacao butter flavour.

Ingredient: 100% Cacao

Hot Brewing: Use 1 sachet of Cacao Husk Tea is for 250-350ml water. Use water temperature is less than boiling point around 80 degrees Celsius. Time: 5 Min. Add in sugar or milk to taste.

Cold Brew: Put 1 bag of Cacao Husk Tea into a jug with 1 liter of water. Keep jug in fridge for 2 hours or overnight. Best serve with honey to taste. Time: 2hours/overnight.

Caffeine: Yes

Taste notes: chocolate, buttery”


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