24K Pure Gold Beauty Cup Gilt Large


Celebrate your loved one’s special occasion with the gift of youthful, radiant skin. Our 24K Pure Gold Beauty Cup Gilt Large is the perfect gift for anyone looking to renew and regenerate their skin cells. Made with certified 24K pure gold gilt and lacquered densed clay, this health cup promotes cellular regeneration and has powerful medicinal properties. With individual certification and a weight of 269g, this cup is a unique and luxurious gift option that sets itself apart from others on the market. Give the gift of beauty and health today.

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Health cup certified 24K Pure Gold gilt
lacquared densed clay
Cup weight: 269g W: 8.4cm x H: 5cm
Promotes youthful skin Gold ions helps renew damaged cell, contributes to cellular regeneration process in skin
Medicinal powerful properties
Individual Certification


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